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President        Brigadier GHFS Nickerson

Colonel GHFS Nickerson

"Welcome to the web site of the Scots Guards Association. Scots Guardsmen and their families remain a part of the Regiment for life and this association helps serving and retired members to stay in touch, while coordinating support to our troops in the front line or members of the Regimental family in time of need. We take great care in looking after our old soldiers and their families, which costs an increasing amount of money every year from our charitable fund. Our Regiment has been serving the Crown for over 350 years and we are immensely proud of our heritage and our ability to adapt to changing times both in the British Army and the country as a whole. Please enjoy learning about our Association and if you were once part of the family then why not renew those ties and join your local Branch."

Major M M Davidson

Secretary Mr N Crockett

The website is an excellent way of finding out what is going on within the Regiment and also all Branches of the Association.
If you know of anyone who was a member of the Regiment but is not a member of the Association please encourage him to go along to his nearest Branch meeting or even better still, take him along with you when you next go to a meeting.  As Scots Guardsmen there is a bond between us no matter how long you served or what rank you were. It is always good to meet up with those whom you have served with or even those who were in before you. There is a common bond between us and that is that we are all  SCOTS GUARDSMEN.


THE ASSOCIATION : Founded in 1903



Of maintaining the connections between past and present members of the Regiment and to promote friendship and association amongst those in civil life who worthily maintained when in the Regiment, and continue to uphold in civil life, the high character of the Regiment.
To foster Esprit de Corps and promote the best interests of the Regiment.
To bring to the notice of Regimental Headquarters any case deserving of assistance from Regimental Funds, and to give particular assistance to any member, wife, widow or children who may be in distressed circumstances.

ASSOCIATION EVENTS : Branches hold Annual General Meetings, Re Union Dinners, Monthly Meetings, Picnics and Outings.

Bi-ANNUAL GATHERING: A Gathering Week End is organised where the Regimental Family come together, at agreed venues.

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING : is held on a date suitable to all Branches, the venue of this meeting could be in Scotland or London.

THE REGIMENTAL REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY (BLACK SUNDAY) : The Service of Remembrance is held in the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, during the service a wreath is laid in the Regimental Cloister, by an Association Member.
The Association together with Serving Members march to Horse Guards where a second wreath is laid at the Guards Division Memorial by a Association Member from a second Branch.
On return to Barracks a Family Lunch is held.